• Follow your doctor's instructions
  • Keep your cast clean
  • Inspect the skin condition around the cast area
  • File down any rough spots on the cast with an emery board
Do Not
  • Insert objects inside the cast
  • Use oils, oil-based lotions, or powders near the cast
  • Pull out or rearrange GORE PROCEL® Cast Liner
  • Place additional padding inside the cast
  • Break off or trim cast edges
  • Engage in vigorous activity involving the cast area
  • Allow the cast area skin to become sunburned soon after the cast is off
Contact Your Doctor If
  • You have pain or swelling
  • You feel a blister or sore developing inside the cast
  • You notice an unusual odor coming from the cast
  • You experience numbness or persistent tingling
  • Your cast becomes badly soiled
  • Your cast breaks, cracks, or develops soft spots
  • Your cast becomes too loose
  • You develop skin problems at the cast edges
  • You develop a fever
  • You have any questions regarding your treatment

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This information is intended as a guideline only. It is not intended to supersede any directions given to you by your physician or other health care professionals.

Remember that your cast helps the healing process. Avoid any activities that might interfere with healing and always follow your doctor's specific instructions about proper care of your cast and your injury.

Some patients may experience cast-related complications, including: skin irritation, rash, redness, maceration, blisters, itching, odor, discomfort, or broken casts. If this occurs please contact your physician.

If you have additional questions about caring for your cast or GORE PROCEL® Cast Liner, please contact your doctor or Gore.